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Honduras in the OTI Festival Honduras was the main host and only participant in the 2011 OTI Festival which was held in Tegucigalpa from 4–9 August 2011. Participants Honduras participated with the song "Amo mío", and was represented by the Orchestra Nacional de Honduras, the Rotary Choir and the Coro Filarmónico of Honduras. "Amo Mío" by Orchestra Nacional de Honduras, performed in the first semifinal on 4 August 2011, and in the finals on 8 August 2011, the winner of the competition. Honduras was the last to win the OTI Festival, because it was the only country that made the second semifinal (and thus eliminated the other countries). The Festival also marked the first appearance of the current national anthem of Honduras, and the first time that the new national anthem was used in a concert of the type of the OTI Festival. See also Honduras in the OTI Festival References Category:Opera competitions Category:2011 in HondurasRapid cell division is a characteristic of many cells during development and is a major factor in the oncogenesis of a number of diseases including cancer. During mitosis, a number of proteins are synthesized and degraded to control the timing of the cell cycle. In a recent study we showed that degradation of a particular protein called Cdc14 is specifically required for the removal of the phosphorylated form of the replication protein Mcm2-7, which initiates DNA replication at the initiation site in the genome. The identification of the Cdc14-interacting protein that is responsible for degradation of Cdc14 is a major focus of this proposal. Experiments are proposed to: (1) identify the Cdc14-interacting protein; (2) characterize the degradation of Cdc14 by the 26S proteasome; (3) determine the role of ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like proteins in the degradation of Cdc14; and (4) study the regulation of Cdc14 degradation by the spindle checkpoint. A number of the proteolytic pathways involved in cell growth and division are poorly understood. The Cdc14 protein is a member of a family of proteins that have a characteristic domain called the Cdc4-binding domain. The function of this domain has been determined in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae




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Tecnodata.Simulador.Detran.rar (Updated 2022)

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